720 Monmouth Street is a unique example of Trenton’s rich manufacturing history. The site grew in five phases starting in 1886 and continued through 1958.  Several architecture styles were used during expansion including Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Industrial.  Each building has unique brick and stone detailing with windows of varying dimensions and styles. 

Located at 720 Monmouth Street, the Trenton Watch Company was a prominent watch business that specialized in the manufacturing of various timepieces, parts and accessories.  The factory opened in 1886, and produced 180 watches daily.  From its founding, the Trenton Watch Company manufactured straight-line lever watches (pocket watches).  The company was unique in that it manufactured every aspect of the watch from the most minute of components to the gilded case.  As such, the company was able to provide a high-end product at an affordable price and could guaranty the function and quality of every aspect of the watch.  

In 1908 the Trenton Watch Company was purchased by the Ingersoll Company and subsequently became known as the Ingersoll-Trenton Watch Company. It was among the largest watch factories in the world.  By 1913, the company had 300 employees and produced 25,000 to 30,000 watches per month.  By the end of World War I, the factory was at full capacity and had manufactured 50,000,000 watches.  After World War I, the country suffered a significant recession and the Ingersoll-Trenton Company was not spared. Although they tried to avoid collapse, their efforts were not successful and the company went bankrupt in 1921. 

This brings us to 720 Monmouth Street’s current state: in 2016, the Trenton Watch Factory was renovated into luxury apartments. It has been awarded a place on the National Register of Historic Places, securing its place in history for years to come.